The Register of Homeopaths


has been established so that members of the public seeking homeopathic treatment can access a central database of qualified practitioners.

All practitioners registered with the Register of Homeopaths (RHom) must be a current and ongoing registered member of an existing professional body, in order to join this central register

What does RHom do?

  • RHom is set up as a registering and regulatory body only. It does not offer membership services such as journals, events, insurance etc. These will be provided by registrant's primary registering body
  • RHom will run an electronic database of registered practitioners to act as a central list of qualified homeopaths for the public to access
  • RHom expects its members to practice according to the RHom Code of Ethics and Practice, and will take appropriate action in the event of a concern/complaint being made against a member registered with RHom

How is RHom set up?

  • RHom is a company limited by guarantee, and is registered at Companies House as the Directory of Homeopaths Ltd. RHom trades as the 'Register of Homeopaths'
  • There are currently five Directors of RHom, four of whom are already known within the homeopathic community, Karin Mont, David Needleman, June Sayer and Steve Scrutton. RHom's fifth Director is a non-homeopath, who brings legal expertise to the organisation, and will oversee that correct processes are adhered to when dealing with professional conduct issues
  • RHom buys into the administrative services ARH can offer on an as needs basis, thus keeping overheads down to a minimum. The two companies are run entirely separately, and RHom is financed by its own registration fees
  • RHom's Code of Ethics and Practice is based upon the CoE agreed by former CORH. Following a thorough legal check, it has been modified for greater clarity
  • All registrants listed in RHom will have the letters 'RHom' after their name, followed by the letters of their primary register
  • The electronic register will soon carry a section that states what the letters following a registrants name denote, and will also give a brief description of the registering criteria of the registrants primary register

How does RHom propose to work with the rest of the homeopathic community?

  • RHom will be extending an invitation to all the registers to come together to determine how RHom can be used as the vehicle to take the profession towards a single register. If enough practitioners support RHom, that will help to make meaningful unity a reality
  • RHom will communicate with all the Course Providers, and see how links between both registration and education can be developed, so the profession as a whole can be strengthened
  • RHom, in collaboration with ARH and other registering organisations who wish to participate, will actively support the independent accreditation of homeopathy education
  • RHom will seek to liaise with DoH, and any relevant organisations, in order to promote homeopathy in the public arena

What will RHom deliver for practitioners?

  • RHom will provide practitioners with registration and regulation
  • A member of the public who wants to receive homeopathic treatment can refer to the central register and find the most comprehensive list of homeopaths in their area
  • RHom is set up to be inclusive. It offers registration to all practitioners currently registered with a register that has clearly defined registration criteria, a Code of Ethics and a professional coduct procedure.
  • RHom offers registration at a price most practitioners can afford, just £36 for the year

And finally:

Rather like homeopathy itself, RHom is based upon very simple principles. We don't pretend to have all the answers to all the problems facing homeopathy at the moment, but if practising homeopaths want a central, single register, and a genuinely unified profession, RHom offers a foundation upon which to build. Ultimately the practitioner chooses!

Please read the RHom Code of Ethics before signing the declaration in the application form.

The Register of Homeopaths, The Granary, Millbrook Hill, Nutley, East Sussex, TN22 3PJ. Tel: 0870 8033 723 or contact us by email (